What is a personal injury

For many people, they don’t know the extent of personal injuries. They might think it’s just someone getting injured, but in the world of law, it’s more than just that. In fact, it’s something pretty important, and something that everyone should know about. This article will go over what a personal injury is, and exactly what set of actions you should take if you suffer from one of these injuries in terms of legal proceeding.


The first, is to understand what a personal injury is.  A personal injury is defined as an injury that is done to a person physically, such as a disease or illness, or even a psychological injury or illness.

There are many different examples of this, but often this is seen as a work related injury, some psychological illness that is caused by work stress, traffic injury accidents, injuries caused by bad goods or services, injury caused by tripping over stones, psychological illness suffered by child abuse you received, psychical injury sustained by a victim during a crime, and a psychological illness created by discrimination or harassment in a workplace.

Now, you can take actions on the behalf of someone who has died because of a personal injury.  You can first make the complaint to those responsible, ask for compensation to cover losses because of the injury, ask about immediately financial problems coming because of the injury, such as not being able to work, and also asking for an organization that can help with counseling.  This is what you do once you have that in place, whether you’re the one affected or on the behalf of someone.

Actions Immediately Taken

There are certain actions that you must take, and this section will go over the exact sequence of steps that you must take if you do suffer a personal injury

  • Tell the police about the injury that resulted from this, especially in a road accident.
  • If it’s resulted in a road accident, tell the insurance company. If it’s not reported, the insurance policy might become invalid.
  • Tell your doctor about the injury since it might be serious, even if the injury is minor you should do this. If you do need to get compensation for the injury, ask for a medical report
  • Get all the evidence about the accident and injuries, such as photographs of the scene and that caused the injury, also writing an account of all the details when fresh.
  • Now, if you have an accident at work, it should be in an accident book, if they don’t have it talk about the accidents and injuries and tell your employer, keeping a copy.
  • Your contract might also say that you have to tell your employer if you do suffer an injury. If you are self-employed, you should tell the health and safety executive or some local authority that works for this.  At this point, you can make a complaint


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